Conference Themes


A/ River morphodynamics and restoration:

  1. From braiding to meandering rivers
  2. Large river bedforms
  3. Steep rivers, systems of step-pools
  4. Interactions between flow, sediment and vegetation
  5. River management and ecology, river restoration

B/ Hydraulic structures and their effects on bed, flow regime and ecology:

  1. Scour around structures, impact on ecology
  2. Bank erosion and protection
  3. Dams and rivers: sedimentation, regulation, restoration, removal
  4. Fishways
  5. Inland navigation

C/ Sediment and pollutant dynamics in rivers:

  1. Sediment supply and management at catchment scale
  2. Fine sediment and associated pollutant dynamics
  3. Impact of bedforms on the flow and particle suspension
  4. In-situ measurements and modelling of the sand dynamics
  5. Bedload dynamics of a sediment mixture

D/ Fluid Mechanics and sediment processes:

  1. Mixing processes
  2. Laboratory experiments and innovative measurement methods
  3. Mechanics of sediment transport
  4. Advanced computational methods for fluid mechanics, sediment transport, and morphodynamics
  5. Physical models

E/ Extreme events:

  1. Flooding processes and compound channels
  2. Management of hydrological extremes: floods and droughts
  3. Urban flooding
  4. Innovative in-situ measurements of the flow discharge
  5. Computational methods and code calibration for rare events